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I’m a visual storyteller driven by the love for all things Light.


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Born and raised in India, I am a recent B.F.A graduate from Savannah College of Art & Design. I recently wrapped up as a Lighting/Compositing artist for Ask The Storybots, a Netflix kids TV show in Los Angeles, California. With past experiences interning for Pixar and Blue Sky studios and getting the opportunity to grow my creative horizons, I look forward to establish myself as a Lighter in the world of animation.

I found my passion and calling as a Lighter when I truly understood the great power in it. It changes the way you perceive a setting as it helps convey emotions and the true intention behind storytelling. As a lighter, I get to change and breathe life into an atmosphere and that is my favorite thing about it. There is beauty in every single element of lighting, so much so, that even the shadows that are created with your lights have the power to tell a story. I seek inspiration from my surroundings, people and different cultures and have great value and appreciation for details. Storytelling that is backed with a strong purpose and intention behind it coupled with beautiful visuals is what I constantly desire to be a part of.

I am open to collaborating so if you have any fun ideas that you need help bringing to life -

Feel free to contact me at :

email: anushka.deedwania@gmail.com

Phone # : +1 912-220-3435



Professional Experiences




Lighting Artist at Ask the StoryBots

Jib Jab Bros. Studios, LA.

Nov. ‘18 - May ‘19

Lighting/Compositing Internship

Blue Sky Studios, Greenwich - CT

July - Sept. ‘18

Pixar Undergraduate Program Internship

Pixar Animation Studios

June - Aug. ‘17

Resident Assistant

Savannah College of Art & Design

Sept. ‘15 - June ‘18

B.F.A Visual Effects

Savannah College of Art & Design

Sept. ‘14 - June ‘18