Breakdown Sheet

1.) Blue and Tan: All aspects except modelling

Software Used: Maya, Zbrush, Arnold for Maya, Nuke

Inspired from a photograph I saw on pinterest, I really loved the blue and tan color scheme of the composition that inspired me to recreate the photograph in CG. It is my first project using the Arnold workflow with the AOVs.

2.) Light Fixture: All aspects except modelling

Softwares used: Maya,Zbrush, Mari, Arnold, Nuke

This was a personal project that I did to explore tetxuring. I painted the textures and displacements in Zbrush and Mari and had a lot of fun painting the rust on the iron and creating different maps to achieve the rust on the metallic piping. This project was inspired by steam punk industrial fixtures.

3.) Mood match: All aspects

Softwares used: Maya, Mental Ray and Nuke

The goal of this project was to match the beautiful mood lighting of the shot from the movie "UP". For the mood match I used mental ray and the biggest challenge was to achieve the right amount of volumetric fog for the mood. I used the different render passes workflow and composited all the render layers in Nuke for the final result. Instead of focusing more on modelling and texturing, I wanted the lighting to be the highlight of the project. Overall, this project helped me gain understanding of how different lights and their properties work to create different moods.

4.) Healing with Happiness: Responsible for all aspects except model and animation.

Softwares used: Maya, Arnold, Nuke

The goal of this project was to have a clear understanding of the shading process using the AI standard shader of Arnold by recreating the rock Agate and integrating in the background plate that I shot at the SCAD museum of art. For this project, I also shot my own HDRI using the Ricoh Theta 360 camera.

5.) Traditional and Digital Artworks

1) Old Habits Die Hard
2) Coffee, Maybe?
3) Pensive Glare
4) Two Eyes for and Eye
5) Agent of Chaos